The Baseball Desert

Friday, October 21, 2005

A Well-Deserved Break

I'm looking forward to the beginning of the World Series tomorrow night, but my team not being involved means that I haven't felt a real need to write anything about the build-up. The contrast with last year is quite startling - I'm just as tired, physically, because all the games have been played at ungodly hours of the morning (8:30pm ET starts are the worst possible ones for me - just early enough for me to not get much sleep beforehand, just late enough to not get any sleep afterwards), but I'm not experiencing the mental torture of last year's playoffs. I've become a fan of the game again, happy that the baseball season isn't over yet, content to root for the Astros from afar and hopeful that we get to see some great baseball over the next nine days.

In the absence of any wit and wisdom on the game of baseball, I thought I would use the downtime to point you in the direction of one of my favourite non-baseball blogs. There are certain blogs I read for the content, there are others I read for the writing and then there are the magical few which manage to combine content and style in a way which makes you think: "There is nothing you could do to make this post any better". This is one of those.