The Baseball Desert

Monday, October 03, 2005

You Can't Always Get What You Want

To be filed away in the "I Don't Know Why It Happened But I'm Sure Glad It Did" file (left-hand cabinet, bottom right-hand drawer):

I switched on for yesterday's game pretty much resigned to having to watch the game through the, erm, neutral eyes of the YES Network (after a NESN feed on Friday night and the inanity that is Tim McCarver on Fox on Saturday).

Ten smug minutes of Kay, Singleton and Kaat had me reaching for the mute button whilst trying desperately to see if it's possible to get different simultaneous audio / video feeds by using IE for one and Firefox for the other. (It is possible, by the way, but they're simultaneous in a '30-second delay' kind of way, so YES was constantly about a pitch-and-a-half ahead of WEEI).

And then, around the bottom of the second inning, I got up to go and make coffee and when I came back, the feed had magically switched to NESN. It's the first time that I've seen a game where the feed has switched in mid-game, and I still have no idea how or why it happened. It was an unexpected surprise, like finding twenty dollars in the pocket of the britches that you wore last week, but at the same time it was a grim reminder that ahead of me lies a month of Rick Sutcliffe on International and Dumb & Dumber on Fox.

Talk about going from the sublime to the ridiculous...