The Baseball Desert

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Kiss This Thing Goodbye

So, it was the end of the World Series, I had a two-day business trip and then I figured I would take a couple of days off from everything, including the Internet and ā€“ by extension ā€“ baseball. And then I log on this morning only to find that I need to check my calendar to make sure it's November 1st and not April 1st.

This kind of thing seems to happen every time I turn my back for a few days. Last year it was Nomar getting traded to the Cubs, this year it was the whole Mannygate thing and now the Red Sox have failed to come to an agreement with the guy responsible for putting together some of the deals that have made the club a regular contender

Eric Wilbur lays the blame squarely on the shoulders of Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino:

Theo Epstein is gone, and the Red Sox are much worse off for it.

Iā€™m sorry, I meant the Red Sox fans. The Red Sox are probably embroiled too deeply in their latest multi-million dollar development plan to really care about it all that much.

Yes, we are much worse off for this decision ā€“ even with a talented GM it's tough to put together the deals that will make a ballclub competitive; without that talented GM, I really don't know what happens now.

This promises to be an interesting time in Red Sox Nation, and not necessarily in a good way.