The Baseball Desert

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

You Gotta Move

It looks like the GM-less Red Sox are starting to make moves. I have to say at least that I like the idea of Beckett (memories of the '03 World Series are still fresh in my mind), but like less the idea of Lowell (some vague uneasiness about a player possibly in decline).

To my mind Hanley Ramirez was one of the 'you can look but you'd better not touch' players in the Sox' farm system, but I guess Edgar Renteria's arrival in Boston last year blocked any real chance he had of becoming a regular any time soon. In that light, you could look at it as a Sanchez for Beckett + Lowell deal, which feels better.

Is it mortgaging the future to win right now? I honestly don't know enough about Sanchez to say one way or another. It's one of those deals that can really go either way, but right now there are too many unknown quantities to be able to judge it properly. The trade hasn't yet been confimred, but by the time it is, I'm sure the deal will have been analysed to death. For now, I'll make do with accentuating the positive.