The Baseball Desert

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I saw people around me getting hooked, and, inwardly, I smiled. "You'll never catch me doing that," I thought. "It's for weak people whose shallow lives have no meaning. I don't need that."

At least, that was the reason I gave myself, but deep down I think I suspected that it might get its claws in me and and never let go. Then, during a lull in the Christmas festivities, someone said "Go on - give it a try," and I wasn't strong enough to resist. This is powerful stuff, there's no gradual process. Ten minutes after the first hit my anal-retentive personality kicked in and I was hooked.

So here is my plea to those of you reading this: don't try it, don't let members of your family or anyone you know try it. For the love of God, STAY AWAY FROM IT!