The Baseball Desert

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

We're Not Right

Since my rant about Barry Bonds was cut short, I'm feeling a little frustrated, so I'm going to go off-topic for a second and address certain members of the audience who were at the David Gray concert in Paris last night:

To whom it may concern,

As delighted as I was to be at the David Gray gig last night, my evening's entertainment was somewhat marred by your inconsiderate behaviour.

Despite what you may have thought, we were at a concert and NOT in your living-room (three things might have given you a clue to that: the huge sound system, the 1500 people around you and the fact that there were two huge guys at the door checking that you had a ticket to get in).

So, whilst it's OK to show off your funky dancing techniques and scream like a banshee in between songs, it is most definitely not OK to talk through all the songs that you don't know (i.e. pretty much anything that's not on White Ladder). The rest of us came to listen to the music, not your inane conversations with your we're-such-a-cool-bunch-of-young-urban-Parisian friends. Beyond the age of 10 you shouldn't need to be told that there are times in life when you need to shut the fuck up. Talking all the way through the concert shows a lack of respect, not just for your fellow concert-goers but also for the artist in question. If you were at the theatre, you wouldn't talk all the way through the performance, so don't do it at a concert either. You were lucky we weren't at an Oasis concert, because they would have done one (or both) of the following: 1) refused to play until you shut the fuck up; 2) jumped off the stage and kicked the shit out of you.

So, next time, if you feel like chatting with your friends all evening, then invite them round to your place and put David Gray on as background music. DON'T come and piss me off by yakking all the way through what was otherwise a fantastic concert, OK?

(No) Thanks for (not) listening.
Iain (a.k.a. Grumpy Old Man)