The Baseball Desert

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pimp Slapp'd

David Ortiz is hitting a paltry .214 in the WBC, with only 4 hits to his name. However, of those four hits, three have been home runs, and we're not talking long fly balls that just dropped over the fence. Last night Ortiz seemed to take exception to the Cuban pitchers pitching high and tight against his Dominican teammates, and having blasted one out of Hiram Bithorn Stadium, he engaged a little Dominican grandstanding:

He watched it go, flipped the bat and had a brief word to say to the Cuban catcher (I'm guessing: "Hey, Pestano - you see that? That ball is getting out of here in a hurry. Should have pitched me high and tight too, amigo...") before heading off on his home run trot.

I'm not much of a fan of grandstanding, but sometimes it just fits the moment, and yesterday's game was a perfect example. Check it out.
In other news: