The Baseball Desert

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Yeah, you heard me right - I'm talking to you and you.

Seriously, Gary, you can stand up in front of baseball fans with $26m of salary for the past two years in your pocket and tell us with a straight face that you're "not comfortable"? It's not in my nature to wish serious injury on players, but I'm starting to think I should make an exception for you.

Oh, and David? I just need you to explain how it's OK for you to go on record basically calling Bud Selig an asshole - true as it might be - but it's not OK for Tito to share with the world your little hissy fit about you - with your offseason surgery and your three-inning spring training - not being the Red Sox' #2 starter in April. I like having you on the team, David, I really do, but I'm losing patience very quickly. If you want to manage, then retire from the game and manage - if not, then shut the fuck up and let Tito do his job.


If either of the 'gentlemen' above need a lesson on how to go about business, then they should take a look at this. Lazo basically won the game for the Cubans with his relief effort, and in doing so ruled himself out of pitching in the final against Japan on Monday. Did he whine after the game? No he did not:
"I am a starting pitcher when I play for my hometown in Cuba," he said. "Last season, for example, I won 20 games as a starter for my Province team. The pitchers here all have been starters at some point in their careers and right now the manager needed a relief pitcher that could come in and pitch three or four innings.

"We needed a strong stopper, a strong closer, and that's what happened."
Here endeth today's lesson.