The Baseball Desert

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Take It Easy

So this is how it went last night:
  • Finish up work quickly
  • Catch early train
  • Rush home from station, carting heavy laptop and a ton of paperwork, in time for 1pm ET game
  • Log on to
  • Curse, Bud Selig and anyone else you can think of for not broadcasting Venezuela / Dominican Republic game
  • Resign self to a couple of hours' quality reading time before next shot at live WBC game
  • Log back on to for Mexico / USA game
  • Repeat whole "A pox on you all!" thing when it turns out that game is not being broadcast either
  • In desperation, glance at date to check that yesterday was indeed... erm... March... erm... 7th?
  • Slap self hard around head
Whaddya mean, "It's time the season got under way"?