The Baseball Desert

Monday, March 06, 2006

Well Did You Evah

I don't care about how the situation got to this point or the whole "Please trade me..." / working out on his own business - the bottom line is that the Sox are hanging on to a lefty who won fifteen games last season.

There are of course worries about Wells' age and health, but it is nonetheless a comfort to know that he wants to stay in Boston and that he is hungry for another ring to add to his collection.
"I'm just looking to go out, pitch, enjoy myself, have fun," he said. "Try to give the fans some excitement, give the team closure and saying, 'Hey, this guy, he is legit. He can still do it at his age.' I'm looking forward to it. Like I said, I love Boston. This team is great. Everything about it, it's unbelievable."
We'll take that, thank you very much, Mr Wells.