The Baseball Desert

Monday, March 27, 2006

The wisdom of Tito

I would like to propose that, during the 2006 season, the Red Sox get into a brawl at least once a week, so that we get to hear the wit and wisdom of Tito on a regular basis. Every time the Red Sox get into a fight or a slanging match with their opponents, Francona has the right words to defuse any potential controversy:
With Beckett still chirping, Howard walked toward the dugout, finally throwing his glove down to prepare for a fight. Beckett attempted to ascend the stairs to meet him, only to be intercepted by teammates as a scrum formed in foul territory and bullpens emptied. Rudy Seanez, who participates in ultimate fighting during the offseason, led the relievers' charge.

"I told him he was a little slow," Francona said of Seanez' arrival.
Smile, deal with it and move on. This man was made to manage the Boston Red Sox.