The Baseball Desert

Friday, April 14, 2006

Always look on the bright side

I have nothing to say about David Wells' batting practice outing last night, except that 1) it wasn't exactly a huge surprise - there are precedents - and 2) he made Terry Francona's "WTF???" reaction to Wells' stated desire to be the #2 starter on the Red Sox staff look spot-on.

Speaking of Tito, The Joy of Sox points us in the direction of yet another gem (registration required) from the Book of Francona, this time on Julian Tavarez' return from suspension:

"It hasn't cost us, but if you go a long time a pitcher short, it's going to get in the way," Francona said.

Tavares can fill a number of roles in the pen.

"He's a nice bridge at times," Francona said. "He can get righties out. . . . He brings a lot of positives." The manager added, "If we can just keep him from slugging guys . . ."

He just keeps getting better.