The Baseball Desert

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Job blown

After a week away from baseball - which, to be honest, felt more like a month this early in the season - I was hoping for a sparkling return. Instead, what I got was this.

Consequently, until further notice, the Blue Jays will be known on this blog as the Toronto Blow Jobs, since every time the Sox play them, we suck.

To be fair, the loss wasn't that much of a surprise, with Lenny DiNardo going up against Roy Hallyday, but there's a difference between expecting the result and having to live with the reality of a blowout. The only consolation comes from it counting for only one game in the loss column - today we get to go back out there and hopefully show that yesterday's game was but a minor bump in the road. Josh Towers and his 9.24 ERA would be a good place to start a nice little winning streak.