The Baseball Desert

Monday, May 29, 2006


For sale or trade:

For all your combat needs, one slightly-used Ultimate Fighter. Current owner prepared to throw in possible psycho tag-team partner if offer good enough.

Price: Two pitchers. Any size, any shape, any condition - as long as they can throw strikes.

Seriously - 5 walks? 54 pitches to get through the ninth inning? Wakefield only walked one over the first eight innings (and only needed 108 pitches to get there). And even then, the Sox only held on to their 5-4 lead because Joey Gathright tried to score from second on a hit to left.

One to be filed away in the "It's better to be lucky than good" archives. Hopefully that's our quota of complete ineptitude for the week - with the Blue Jays, Tigers and Yankees coming up, we're going to need to be at least good, if not great.