The Baseball Desert

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How sweet it is

Severe jet-lag and general fatigue seems to have launched me into some parallel baseball universe, where Alex Gonzalez is hitting 3-run homers, Wily Mo Pena is making spectacular catches in left field and Mark Loretta (3-for-41 lifetime against Randy Johnson) is bashing 3-0 2-run singles against the, shall we say, somewhat flaccid Big Unit.

Over on the other side, the Yankees couldn't catch / stop the ball to save their lives and couldn't make any kind of headway against Beckett after the first inning, all of which added up to a sweet 14-3 win at Yankee Stadium.

A couple of remarks on the game:
  • Mike Lowell - the guy is off the charts so far this season - he has 39 hits so far (for a .339 average), 21 of which have gone for extra bases. I was watching the game on YES last night, but Beth told me that Jerry Remy said something to the effect of "This guy can't hit singles."
  • Wily Mo - with the Yankees playing terrible defense all night, it was even sweeter to see the YES Network pick Wily Mo's stellar catch in left field (not his normal position, I would like to remind you, unlike Matsui, who completely misplayed Lowell's fly ball) as their Play Of The Game.
Schilling vs. Mussina tonight. I won't be there to see it, because if I don't get a good night's sleep I might not make it to Friday in one piece, but it should be another good one.