The Baseball Desert

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Just another winless Wednesday

There's not much to say that isn't already in the game recap. The Sox were shut down by good pitching from Erik Bedard, and by the time they started to get it together it was too little, too late.

You can talk all night about Willie Harris missing the sign - and believe me, at 3:30am I was as pissed as anyone that the game ended with him caught stealing - but the simple fact is that over the first eight innings the Red Sox managed just two hits (known as "The Wakefield Offense"), and you're not going to win many ballgames that way.

Day off today (thank God - I'm running on fumes here), and then into Philadelphia for the first round of interleague play this year. I have no idea how we shape up against the Phillies, so I guess I'll be making do with the usual - crossing my fingers and yelling at the PC. It's not very scientific, but it works for me.

Update: I just had to check this Wednesday thing out. This season the Sox have a worse record on Wednesdays than on any other day of the week. The breakdown looks like this:
  • Saturday 3-2
  • Sunday 4-1
  • Monday 4-0
  • Tuesday 5-1
  • Wednesday 2-5
  • Thursday 2-3
  • Friday 3-3
So what does it prove? Well, outside of confirming that they're not The Boomtown Rats, not very much, but it did fill up five minutes on a very dull Thursday afternoon, which is something not to be sniffed at.