The Baseball Desert

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I hate it when this kind of crap gets printed in the mainstream media. Massarotti clearly feels threatened by the alternatives to the mainstream media that are out there. I can understand that - the Globe and the Herald are somewhere down in the bottom third of the websites I read every day - and I can even forgive him for using his column to take a swipe at us poor, dim-witted bloggers. However, he should at least have the intelligence to be consistent. You can't say:
Managing any team is a near-impossible task, especially in a place with both a baseball addiction and enough nitwit know-it-alls to fill that vast expanse known as cyberspace,
and then proceed to write a whole piece second-guessing Tito.

Unless, of course, we are to assume that Mr Esteemed Mainstream Sportswriter is modestly positioning himself in with the nitwit know-it-alls out there in cyberspace.

Actions not agreeing with words? You said it, Tony...