The Baseball Desert

Monday, May 22, 2006

Quick hits

As Joy of Sox points out:
"When Rudy Seanez was your most effective pitcher, you know it wasn't a good day."
In the spirit of those signs people hold up at Fenway in order to get noticed by the cameras, here's mine:


I am seriously beginning to wonder if some evil baseball god has not struck NESN off the MLB.TV schedule. I have not seen a game on NESN since I sat in a bar at Logan Airport over two weeks ago. I'm lucky, in the sense that the games I have seen have been on networks that don't make me want to stick sharp things in my eye, but I could still really do with a shot of Don and Jerry. Anyone want to bet that I get stuck with YES tonight?
The Mets, having suffered a Billy Wagner meltdown of epic proportions on Saturday, came back to take the series against the Yankees. Now it's up to the Sox to do the same.
On a totally unrelated note, I'm launching a Baseball Desert mini-survey: has anybody in the history of the universe ever managed to go to Ikea just to look at stuff and not buy a single thing? We went yesterday morning with the express aim of checking out the new sofa we want to buy - and nothing else - but when we got to the checkout €60 of stuff had magically materialised out of nowhere. How the hell do they do that? Do they transmit some special Nordic brainwashing radiation as you walk around the store? You walk around thinking "I will not buy more crap I don't need", but they somehow override these good thoughts and fill your brain up with images of funky table lamps.

Damn clever, those Swedes. Maybe for their next trick they can get Johnny Damon to persuade Red Sox fans to love him again. Then again, maybe not.