The Baseball Desert

Saturday, May 27, 2006

W & L

A good win last night, but at a cost.

Having seen Wells get hit 'just' on the knee, I'm thankful that I didn't see Clement get hit in the head last year. Wells pretty much dropped like a sack of potatoes - I can only imagine what it was llke for Clement.

In that inimtable Red Sox fashion, this injury came about whilst Wells was pitching a pretty good game. He'd given up a home run to Crawford, but outside of that it was shaping up to be a good return for the big guy. RemDawg didn't help a slightly worried Red Sox Nation by immediately saying that this was possibly the last time we would see David Wells pitch. I'm not saying that the thought hadn't crossed my mind as he lay there in front of the mound - I just didn't want to hear it said out loud.

There doesn't seem to be any new information on the situation as yet - I guess we just have to hope that Wells is OK and that he can come back and be the pitcher that he showed us last night over the first four innings.
Note to Joe Maddon: the shift ain't workin'. I guess the only option left is to play everybody in the outfield, right up against the wall, because everything else you've tried, Papi seems to find a way around, through or over it.

Failing that, you could always intentionally walk him to get to Manny...*evil Vincent Price laugh*