The Baseball Desert

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It only counts for one...

... but it was nonetheless an ugly train-wreck of a game.

It was one of those games that are so morbidly fascinating that you continue to watch. You stick with it partly in the hope that the Sox pull a 12-run-sized rabbit out of their hat, but mainly out of curiosity, wondering whether the Yankees are not going to break some franchise / major league record for runs scored.

In the end, it was all about efficient hitting and the long ball - the Yankees had just one more hit than the Sox but put 8 more runs on the board. If there was a silver lining to the cloud, it would be that the back end of the bullpen pitched 5 scoreless innings, but that's about it, folks.

Tonight we throw young Pauley out there, hopefully remember to pack the big bats and cross our fingers.

Anyone who thinks Terry Francona is not the perfect guy to manage in the pressure-cooker atmosphere that is Boston should read what he had to say about Beckett:
Not surprisingly, both Francona and Beckett were asked after the game if the pitcher was having any health issues.

"No, we had some hit issues, but no health [issues]," said Francona.

Like every other person who saw it, Tito knows it was a fugly game, but he's smart enough to know exactly how to approach the situation: don't avoid the issue, don't throw anyone under the bus, deal with it - preferably with a wry smile - and move on. That, my friends, is called perfect pitch.