The Baseball Desert

Friday, July 07, 2006

Enough of this, already

There has to come a moment in a series like the one in Tampa Bay where the team in general, and Big Papi in particular, is going to say: "Screw the shift, screw this ballpark and screw the Devil Rays." That moment came last night.

Although losing three out of four to the Devil Rays is not the end of the world, let alone the season, winning one out of four against the Devil Rays is only the slimmest of moral victories to take into Chicago. We're no doubt going to be reminded that the White Sox are the second-best team in baseball this year, but you know who the third best team is? Yup, the Boston Red Sox. The same Boston Red Sox who have a three-game lead over the Yankees in the AL East. We throw Lester, Beckett and Schilling (23-7, 3.76 ERA) out there against Buehrle, Garcia and Contreras (28-10, 3.96 ERA) - it's going to be an interesting series. Which I'll be watching in the company of Hawk and DJ... ::sticks sharp pencil in eye::