The Baseball Desert

Monday, August 28, 2006

In hiding

OK, I'll admit it - having bemoaned the 4am West Coast start-times late last week, I'm now using them as a handy excuse not to have to sit through the misery of current Red Sox games. This weekend's sweep by the Seattle Mariners didn't quite go unnoticed here, but I have to admit to seeing just one of the three games. The game in question was last night's disaster, but even then I spent the last four or five innings with only half an eye on the game, and the other eye and a half on a book I didn't have time to read on vacation.

You know that things have reached a potential all-time (or at least season) low when a novel about "a Japanese man caught up in a puzzling quest for a somewhat mystical sheep" is actually more interesting than the Sox game du jour.