The Baseball Desert

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mystic Tito

On why Papi remained on the bench in Game 2:
"Probably under any other circumstances, we would hit him to tie the game," Francona said. "But with 18 innings of pitching ... it's hard not to hit David and lose. I thought we needed to try to win. We tie it, we're looking at more pitching. I just didn't think it was our best chance to win."
It's been a long season, and Tito has had to deal with a lot of crap - which he has done with great patience and good humour - so he gets a free pass on this impenetrable explanation as to his decision in the late innings of last night's game. I guess if we are to read anything at all into what he said, it would be something along the lines of: "I really need a long vacation in the sun. Starting yesterday."

Still, all things considered, I'll settle for one game out of the two. Rinse and repeat this afternoon.