The Baseball Desert

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bring it on

"The Maine Event", "Maine Course", "Exile on Maine Street" can take your pick of the easy puns, but the song remains the same: Mets force a Game 7.

I'll be rooting Mets all the way, because there's just something about the Cardinals that grates on me. It's partly Tony LaRussa and partly those thousands and thousands of Cardinals fans at Busch Stadium all dressed in red - they strike me as a little creepy. Oh, and David Eckstein, who just annoys me. He plays the game right, but a little too right for my liking. You can yell at Manny for lollygagging his way down to first on a hit sometimes, but I get more pissed off watching Eckstein sprint down to first on a walk than I do seeing Manny not run out a hit. It's not rational, but I don't care - it gives me something to rant about when the Cardinals play.

For the casual fan, this has been a pretty good series, and a Game 7 is the icing on the cake. After 170+ games, it all comes down to a one-game playoff to see who gets to go to the prom. It's the kind of game where caution can quickly get thrown to the wind - starters throwing in relief, pitchers stepping up as pinch-hitters / pinch-runners - and, as long as your team is not involved, it can be a lot of fun. All I can hope is that my poor old body makes it through to the final out.