The Baseball Desert

Friday, October 20, 2006

Over and out

For a while, it looked like Endy Chavez was going to be the hero of the game with his amazing catch in the sixth inning, which turned two Cardinal runs into an inning-ending double play. Had the Mets gone on to win the game, Chavez would never have had to buy a drink in Queens' ever again.

As it turns out, his moment of glory was merely a spectacular footnote to a bitter loss. The Cardinals snatched the lead (and, as it turned out, the game and the NLCS) in the top of the ninth inning on Molina's home run, and Mets fans were left to rue missed opportunities, notably Cardinal-killer Beltran striking out looking with the bases loaded to end the game and the Mets' season.

For the neutral fan, it was a great game. Unfortunately, I wasn't a neutral fan - I was rooting for the Mets all the way, and the longer the game went on, the more nervous I got. However, as pointed out in yesterday's comments, one of the advantages of your team not being directly involved is that you can shrug off the disappointment of the loss and move on to other things.

In my case, the other things will be very simple: looking forward to the World Series and rooting for the Detroit. Go Tigers!