The Baseball Desert

Monday, October 09, 2006

Same old same old

Since there's not much happening in Red Sox Nation right now, I thought I would trawl around the Herald and Globe websites to see what's cooking. The Globe currently has a "Twenty questions for the Sox" feature, which I thought might be interesting to have a look at.

None of the questions I came across were particularly revolutionary (Keep Trot? Keep Timlin? Keep Gonzo?), but somewhere around the middle of the questionnaire I started to notice the tone. I presume that Shaugnessy is too high up on the Globe ladder to have been press-ganged into service on this feature, but you can almost hear his voice - or maybe it's some generic Globe-bashes-the-Sox voice - in this particular question:

Hansen on deck?
Craig Hansen was mostly a mixed bag in 2006, with an ERA soaring toward 7.00. But there were moments, albeit few, when Hansen appeared to be the pitcher the Red Sox would like to rely on in 2007. Will the team's top draft pick in 2005 be ready to shine in 2007?

Your turn
Will Craig Hansen be ready to step into the spotlight in 2007?

1) Hansen should do great things in 2007. Remember, he's only 22.
2) Like the rest of the overrated youngsters, the team should have gotten something for him while they could at the trading deadline.

Either Hansen is going to be great or he should have been traded like the rest of the overrated youngsters? WTF? First of all, I only have two choices, and of those two choices one is a totally unfounded personal opinion. "Overrated"? By whom? "The rest of the [...] youngsters"? Which ones?

This could have been an interesting exercise - a way to gauge the temperature of the average Boston Red Sox fan, and I for one would have been interested in seeing the results, but, as ever, the Globe manages to turn it into a pointless exercise of Theo- / front-office-bashing.

I have two wonderful young daughters at home who love to talk. And when I say talk, I mean talk - if talking were an Olympic sport, these two could talk for England (or for France, given their dual nationality). But in light of that, there's one piece of advice I try to share with them on a regular basis: If you have nothing to say, don't say anything.

Globe writers - if you're reading this, the same goes for you: STFD & STFU.