The Baseball Desert

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Twins hurt big

For once, the Great Pitching Matchup™ lived up to expectations. Santana was good, but Zito was better: 8 innings, 92 pitches, 4 hits, 1 earned run. Offensively, Frank Thomas did what he does best - big hits muscled down the left-field line - and that was the difference in the ballgame.

It was a good game to watch: crisp, clean (except for the fly ball Milton Bradley lost against that stupid stadium roof) and a mere 2 hours and 19 minutes long - long enough to enjoy a couple of beers, but not so long as to have the ESPN announcers wanting me to stick sharp objects in my eye.


Elsewhere, the Cards did what they do best - win efficiently - and rumour has it there was some game in New York, but my browser unfortunately wouldn't let me access the result. Damn shame, that.


More no-strings-attached baseball tonight, once again at a reasonable hour. Somebody up there likes me...