The Baseball Desert

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

No news is...

...the norm, apparently.

In case you'd forgotten in amongst all the non-news of recent days, the Red Sox have some non-news of their own: they've still not reached an agreement over the J.D. Drew deal.
"Combine medical language and legal language into one, and that's what you're up against. Every time there's medical language proposed, it takes a couple of days to decipher it. And then there are discussions back and forth and revisions are made. Both sides are looking for precise language to protect their assets."
Maybe I'm reading too much into the text, but that last sentence is really not something you want to read when your team is about to commit to a 5-year, $70m contract.

With a little bit of luck, the legal and medical people will get so bogged down in their attempts to decipher each other's language that the whole thing will just vanish from the horizon, and Red Sox fans will be spared a collective nervous breakdown between now and Opening Day.