The Baseball Desert

Monday, February 12, 2007

A spring in your step

I'm 37 years old, have a wife, two children, an apartment, a car and a steady job and, despite all these outward signs of a normal existence, a photo of a truck 4,000 miles away from where I live is enough to have me grinning like a lunatic. The only reassuring thing about all of this is that I'm not alone in my madness. Spring is just around the corner. And all I can say is: about bloody time!

Beyond what Truck Day represents for baseball-hungry fans across the nation (Red Sox or otherwise), looking at the photos also made me realise one of life's essential truths: the Red Sox may be a multi-million-dollar business, but when it comes to movin' shit from point A to point B, they got the same crappy, taped-up boxes as the rest of us.


And if you're wondering what is in the crappy boxes - outside of "New Long Sleeve Pullovers" - the Philadelphia Inquirer lets us in on some of the secrets: 1200 dozen baseballs, 400 batting helmets and - for all those budding Nuke LaLooshes out there - 100 pairs of shower sandals. (Hat-tip to Shallow Center for the link).

So here we go again - another Spring Training, another six sweet months of baseball. Enjoy it, folks.

Eat. Spit. Be Happy.