The Baseball Desert

Friday, February 23, 2007

Two Cool

I'm sat in the office this afternoon trying hard to focus on some extremely dull meeting minutes. To help concentrate - and to drown out the over-chirpy inanity of my colleagues - I'm listening to random stuff on my iPod. (And when I say random, I mean random: Led Zep's The Battle of Evermore backed up into Nat 'King' Cole's Christmas Song, anyone?).

As I listened to Bono's 'Little Steven / Artists Against Apartheid' speech during Silver And Gold on the excellent Rattle And Hum this profound thought occurred to me: you know you're officially cool when you have not one, but two, great nicknames. For Little Steven is none other than E-Street Band-er and Sopranos star 'Miami Steve' Van Zandt.

Steven - the nickname-less Baseball Desert salutes you!