The Baseball Desert

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Everybody's Talkin'

Pretty much every Sox blogger around has been talking about the new blog on the block from Eagle-Tribune writer Rob Bradford, and although I'm lagging behind the others, I wanted to add my two penn'th, since good writing can never get too much publicity.

The reason that Bradford is getting such good press (if you'll pardon the pun) is that he is giving Sox fans exactly what they crave: interesting, insighful insider information (the 4 I's, if you prefer), delivered crisply and without pretension or an axe to grind. Oh, and he has a wry sense of humour - a nice change from the weapons of mass sarcasm favoured by some of the other Sox writers out there (*cough* Shaugnessy *cough*) - which shines through his writing in little nuggets such as this one, from his latest post.
And what I witnessed will never come around again at any point this year, I guarantee it: I was the only media member in the clubhouse for the entire hour-long availability. There were plenty of players, just no scribes, television crews, or radio sound-getters. For an hour I found myself covering the Kansas City Royals.

Note to Globe, Herald & co.: this is what we want from our baseball writers. Please follow suit.