The Baseball Desert

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Another fine Meche

It wasn't quite what we were expecting, was it?

The negatives:
  • Schilling just not being on his game. (He's not hiding making any excuses, but that doesn't make it any easier to swallow).
  • The Sox' adventures on the basepaths.
  • Having to listen to Jon Miller call the game on ESPN as if it were Game 7 of the World Series. Jon - it's the first game of a long season, for Chrissakes - tone it down a little.
The positives:
  • Not much, really, except that the Sox made the much-talked-about Gil Meche signing look like a stroke of genius.
There's no point in wringing our hands in despair. This one is in the book, albeit on the wrong side, and the Sox unfortunately won't get a do-over. All we can do is sit around during this bizarre off-day (Is there a reason for this? Are the players already in need of a rest-day?) and hope that they get their act together for Wednesday's game.


When I got to the end of last season, I was curious about how much time I'd spent watching eighteen men chase a little white ball around a big field, but I had no way of tallying up the Sox games I'd seen (my guess was 80+). So, this season I'll be keeping a running total, just so that I can work out how much of my life is spent in pursuing this crazy obsession.

Obsessive Anal-Retentive Game Counter: 1