The Baseball Desert

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Broken streak

Up until last night I'd watched all 12 Sox games so far this season, which I'm sure is my best ever streak of consecutive games. But I'm like our slightly fragile outfielders, who need a night off now and again if they're going to compete over a full season, and last night was mine.

My absence clearly didn't hurt the Sox, who notched a nice 4-1 win in Toronto, behind the mighty bat of Doug Mirabelli, who now has 2 HRs in 12 at-bats. If he plays 50 games this season, that would put him on pace for about 25 HRs. Folks, between this and Daisuke not being able to buy a win right now, it looks like we're entering Bizarro Baseball World. Which is good, because today we have Tavarez (0-1, 9.00) - on 12 days' rest - going up against Roy Halladay (2-0, 2.35).

It has all the makings of a BBW classic.