The Baseball Desert

Monday, April 16, 2007

Who's gonna stop the rain?

The Internet has shrunk the world to such an amazing degree that there are people in Boston I converse with more often than I do with our upstairs neighbours, but one thing it can't do is shrink the weather map. So whilst I sit here in the office recovering from an al fresco lunch in 80-degree weather, Boston crosses its fingers for the rain to stop: Red has his squeegee ready and Kristen is writing to the Big Man.

Well, if the Big Man has finished reading Kristen's post and is now reading this, I'm willing to do even better than that: if he wants to swap Boston's horrendous weather for Paris's sunshine, then he can. I'm willing to take one for the team and get drenched going home from work if it means that we'll get to see baseball at Fenway today.

Watching Marco Scutaro hit a three-run walk-off homer off Mariano Rivera is a lot of fun, but it ain't Boston Red Sox baseball. So if any of you see the Big Man around, can you please tell him to give me a call?