The Baseball Desert

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Back down to earth

Despite the jet-lag, I was still riding the high of my trip to Boston as I watched yesterday's games. Game 1 had me jumpng all over the place and revelling in a pounding of the Braves. But as I watched, I couldn't help getting that horrible feelng that the Sox might need some of those 18 hits for the second game. And they did. The Sox ran up against a future Hall of Famer who was on his game, and had just three hits to show for it. When Alex Cora finishes the game at first base, you know you cant say very much. So I won't.

On the good news side of things, the Sox are still 7-3 over their last ten games, and still lead the division by 9 1/2 games. And not that we're Yankee-watching or anything, but they lost their game to the Mets, along with another starting pitcher. Ouch.

Tonight the Sox are apparently punishng me for having seen five straight games at Fenway by being delayed by rain. I'm on a serious pitch count this evening - if the game doesn't get started by 4pm ET, I'm done, because after a great week in New England, I have to go back to work tomorrow morning, and I need to at least be able to pretend I'm functioning normally. My eyes will be open as the day goes on, but I'm pretty sure my mind will be somwhere out on Yawkey Way:

Obsessive Anal-Retentive Game Counter: 38