The Baseball Desert

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bats wanted

If you're looking for the definition of "Pitcher, Hard-Luck", it has now been filed under "Taverez, Julian." He was as solid as he could be last night: 6 innings, 2 earned runs, 7 strikeouts, and all it got him was another loss.

I was looking for a handle on last night's game, but in the end couldn't say it any better than papel-blog:
1. I'm thinking, if I have a valuable possession that I really want to keep an eye on, something I really want to make sure it stays put, I'll just put it on base in scoring position when the Red Sox are up to bat, because that way I know it probably isn't going anywhere.
There's no need to hit the panic button yet - the Sox are still 5 1/2 games ahead of the other teams in the AL East - but somebody needs to send the Little League bats back to Williamsport and get some big-league bats back in the clubhouse. The MLB-approved number of games per season in which Dustin Pedroia is allowed to have the only RBI has been reached (1), so let's stop the silliness in the best possible way: by giving Sir Sidney a royal ass-kicking this afternoon.

Obsessive Anal-Retentive Game Counter: 27