The Baseball Desert

Saturday, May 05, 2007

"Everybody did their job."

Yup, that phrase from Tito just about said it all.

It was one of those days where everything went right, and two measly runs were enough to win the game (in stark contrast to the Yankees' 16-hit, 11-run effort, which got them absolutely nothing) [insert gratuitous snigger here].

Silva pitched pretty well for the Twins last night. Unfortunately, today's game could be an even tougher proposition, with Santana on the mound. Speaking of which, you have to feel some sympathy for Julian Tavarez. I know he's said he's willing to do anything to help the club - including cleaning the office - but he's got to be wondering when he's going to get an end-of-the-rotation start. He's the Sox' fifth starter and so far he's been matched up against Millwood, Halladay (twice) Wang and now Santana.

Still, we're playing good baseball right now, so all we need is for Tavarez to be solid. The other nine guys'll take it from there.

Obsessive Anal-Retentive Game Counter: 26