The Baseball Desert

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We are not worthy!

"Shall we go and have a chat with that nice Jim Leyland now?" (photo: AP; link: Drunken Bleachers)

Walk-off win on Sunday? Check.
Complete game masterpiece from Dice-K on Monday? Check.

Somebody up there likes me so far on this trip, but I don't want to push my luck. If the baseball gods are listening: I appreciate the gesture, guys, but I don't need stunning outcomes every night. I'll take a nice easy team win if you have one of those going spare.
I don't have much time to post about the game, but I do have a remark to make. I don't want to play the "one of the most dedicated fans on the planet" card, but to the people behind us in row 11 last night: a Yugo is a crappy European car; the name for a three-run-triple-hitting shortstop is a Lugo, with an 'L'.
Just as Papelbon thinks Beckett shouldn't be allowed to use words he can't spell, I think people should be at least able to name the players on the team correctly if they're going to take up valuable space in the ballpark. These weren't first-timers - they were 'regulars' at Fenway (as they mentioned several times in their long and loud conversations), but I'm pretty sure the 10-year-old kid in front of us could have named more players in the lineup than these clowns. If I wanted to go to a Tupperware party, I'd organise one for all my dahling friends; but I'm at Fenway, so please keep your inane ignorance to yourself and let me watch the game.

OK - Fenway Fundamentalist rant over. Thanks for listening...
Obsessive Anal-Retentive Game Counter: 33