The Baseball Desert

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The inside story

The scene: Wednesday June 20th, Red Sox locker room, Turner Field.

David Ortiz: Hey bro', I been reading on the Internet that that Baseball Desert dude ain't watching all our games anymore.

Coco Crisp: You serious? You mean he's been missing the return of Coco's pop?

David Ortiz: S'what he said. He's just watching the highlights 'n' shit...

Coco Crisp: Man, he's been waiting a year to see me hit the crap outta the ball, and now he's
taking time off? The hell is up with that?

David Ortiz: You need to teach him a lesson, bro'. You know, hit
another one out tonight. Three homers in three days - he ain't ever gonna believe that shit!

Coco Crisp: Dude - I might just do that...


For Coco's information, I was watching, and it was a good night of baseball. When the Braves walked Varitek to get to Coco, I was already smiling - they played the season percentages, but ignored the fact that Coco is red-hot right now. Cue three-run homer, a silenced home crowd and a 5-0 first-inning lead.

My man JT took that as his cue to throw another great game. The Sox gave him 8 runs to play with, but one would have been enough. It's going to take more than blisters and the blues to stop the Tavarez juggernaut from rolling on...