The Baseball Desert

Friday, June 01, 2007

Phriday Philosophy

As I've looked up from my PC here in the office this week and glanced out of the window, I've been able to watch two guys on a suspended gantry slowly but surely re-paint the outside of the building opposite. I'm sure it's often mind-numbingly dull work (and as someone who has, in his time, washed dishes, delivered newspapers and stacked supermarket shelves to earn some money, I know a mind-numbing job when I see one), but I do envy the fact that by the end of today, they'll at least have something to show for their week's work. They'll be able to stand at the foot of the building, look up and say: "These is what we did today. Feel free to admire our good work."

Me? Well, I've spent my week making a lot of telephone calls and juggling two dozen agendas to set up a meeting where a bunch of people will sit around discussing subjects that 99% of the population has never even heard of, let alone is interested in.

Sometimes I wonder where it all went awry...