The Baseball Desert

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


See - they did just fine without me.

I haven't watched the full highlights yet, but the defensive play of the game seems to be Coco's spectacular catch in the fifth (and Josh agrees). I know it's what these guys are paid to do, but it's always enjoyable to see something like that, especially when the player in question just dusts himself off afterwards and wanders coolly back to his position.

One interesting footnote to the catch: if you watch the clip on, you'll see that it took both the Atlanta announcers and the cameraman by surprise. Not so Alex Cora. You'll see that Cora raises a celebratory fist about a second before the ball lands in Coco's glove, almost as if it were a routine pop-fly on the infield. That, ladies and gentlemen, is confidence in your teammates.