The Baseball Desert

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday Morning, 3AM

Well, 4am, actually, but you get the picture. This is how it went:

4:00am Get up to watch the Sox-Mariners game.

4:10am Watch the Sox transform a bases-loaded, no-out situation into a single run.

4:30am Watch Kason Gabbard give up four bases on balls, hit a batter and walk in three runs.

4:35am Go back to bed.

Had it been 10pm, I might have stuck with the game, but I had a sneaking feeling that these would be three hours of my life that I wouldn't get back. And it turns out I was right.

The Mariners haven't been the best of teams in recent times, but they seem to have got the Sox' number right now - it's a good thing the series ends today. Still, despite everything, the Sox have a very respectable 25-16 road record - and remain ten games up in the division - but it'll be nice to head back to Boston for a little home cooking leading up to the All Star Break.