The Baseball Desert

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bad timing

For the past ten days or so life has been a little crazy - I've had business meetings in both London and Frankfurt, flown with my daughters to drop them off for a week's vacation at my parents' house in Manchester, been offered a new job and handed in my notice at the old one (transforming myself overnight from just another employee into "the guy we'll never be able to replace in such a short period of time..."). Basically, I've done everything but watch baseball regularly.

Of course, Murphy's Law clearly states that when life eases up and you have some time to chill out at home and enjoy some Sox games, there are no Sox games to watch, because it's the All Star Game. Given the Tigers' sweep of the Sox over the weekend, this is probably no bad thing. The three days off will give the Sox - and me - an opportunity to recharge the batteries and be ready to go against the Blue Jays on Thursday. In the meantime, I'm sure Mrs. Iain is delighted to have Winter Guy around for a few evenings, even if that means having to put up a fight for control of the TV remote!