The Baseball Desert

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tempting fate

You would find it hard to accuse me of being an especially superstitious baseball fan, but I do have to admit to cringing whenever I read an article with the sub-heading "club is cruising along in '07".

I agree with the idea that the glass is still half-full in Red Sox Nation, but the notion of 'cruising' just seems to push all the wrong buttons in my brain. Given the choice, I'd rather be cruising than speeding foot-to-the-floor towards a breakdown of epic proportions, but I just do not feel comfortable with articles that state, on July 12, "the Red Sox are in the playoffs." [Warning: it's a CHB piece - if you're allergic, please don't click on the link].

Still, the article does give us a chance to look back over five classic highlights from the first half of the season which remind us that this club is capable of playing some serious kick-ass baseball. It would be very nice indeed if we could see some more of that tonight against the Blue Jays and get the second half off on the right foot.