The Baseball Desert

Sunday, August 26, 2007

This post is brought to you by:

Mike Lowell, King of the Land of Awesome.

In his last ten games, Lowell is 16-for-35, which works out at a tidy .457 batting average. He's also had 6 walks, scored 9 runs, driven in 13 and only struck out 3 times.

In addition to going 4-for-6 yesterday, Lowell was also involved in what, for me, was the play of the game in the sixth inning. You could sense momentum start to shift as the Sox started putting some hits together, but Lowell's heads-up play - where he basically snuck home from third base whilst the White Sox were lollygagging the ball into the infield - was the kind of play that takes any remaining wind out of the opposing team's sails. Which it promptly did, to the tune of 11 more runs and a league-leading 16th win for Wake.

A sweep would be a nice way to go into New York on Tuesday. You hear me, Julian?