The Baseball Desert

Friday, September 07, 2007

Crisp performance

I know that it's all Buchholz around Red Sox Nation today - three innings of one-hit relief; bases loaded, nobody out, nobody scores! - and rightly so, but as the President of the Society of Under-Appreciated Center Fielders, I'd like to point out that without Coco's contribution, Buchholz is probably still sat on the bench at that point, watching Kyle Snyder eat up some innings.

Not content with a three-run contribution in the fourth, Coco then got on in the ninth with an infield hit. I don't know what the NESN team said about it, but the Orioles broadcasters were convinced it was a drag bunt à la Ichiro, and it sure looked like it from the highlights. So Coco got on, stole second by a mile and scored the winning run on Varitek's single.

Game, set and match: Covelli Crisp.

Edit: A swinging bunt, not a drag bunt, obviously.