The Baseball Desert

Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter signing

I took delivery of a brand-new, Santa-Claus-red, #34 Red Sox jersey this week, and before letting a silly grin break out all over my face, I wanted to check whether it was the right size.

Having erred very much on the side of caution, the jersey was not just big, but big enough to slip over the shirt and tie I was still wearing after work. As I put the jersey on, I was suddenly reminded of those bizarre moments baseball fans see every winter, where new free agents put the new jersey on over the top of their press conference suit and tie.

It was too surreal a moment for it not to be captured for posterity. So, thanks to Mrs. Iain, The Baseball Desert is proud to present an exclusive shot of the new addition to the Red Sox rotation. (Note: I was trying for a Papelbon stare, but came up somewhat short...):

"Johan who?"

In other news, The Baseball Desert is heading off to the UK for the holidays, so it will be even quieter than usual around here over the next ten days or so. Before I go, I'd like to wish all those reading this blog - whether for the 1st or the 500th time - all the very best for the holiday season. Wherever you are and whatever you celebrate, have a good one.

I leave you with the traditional end-of-year Baseball Desert wish:

Peace on earth, goodwill toward men, and another championship for the Boston Red Sox.