The Baseball Desert

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Turning gold into lead

Rivera faced four guys in the top of the ninth, giving up the following sequence: single, HBP, RBI single, HBP. Sox down by one, bases loaded, nobody out, and three chances to score. I know how tough the gods of baseball can be, so I wasn't asking for a grand slam. I'd have settled for a sac fly, another HBP, a suicide squeeze, an opposite-field bloop - anything to get at least the tying run home, get Rivera out of the game and maybe have a crack at extra innings. Instead, what we got was the Black Hole of Hitting - Coco, Varitek and Lugo. Strikeout, popup, strikeout - Yankees win.

Next time, I'd like to suggest that Tito just throw in the towel in a situation like that, instead of letting us all sit on the edge of our seats, hoping that maybe, just maybe, this one time, one of those three guys is going to come through in the clutch. I know it's Rivera, and I know there's a reason he's got 466 career saves, but four consecutive guys had got on, and the Sox couldn't get the ball out of the infield. I'm pretty sure that we'd have had a better chance sending my Auntie Hilda up there, and she passed away in '95 (God rest her soul).

Every time these guys come up, I can't help thinking of this theory.

The Sox could send three monkeys up there, and they'd probably have as mch chance of getting that key hit as the guys we're currently using. Wikipedia tells us that the chances of a monkey typing the complete text of Hamlet is approximately one in 3.4 × 10183,946, which is almost exactly the same as Jason Varitek's current batting average, so the question is: what do we have to lose?