The Baseball Desert

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It ain't over...

After a week of intermittent baseball-watching (I watched games involving the Cubs, the Astros, the Angels, the Brewers, then lost my Internet connection when I finally had the chance the see some Sox games), I managed to sit down and watch some of the Sox-Rangers games last night. With a work day ahead and 400 miles to drive tonight, I called it a day in the top of the fourth, with the Sox comfortably ahead 12-2. I got up this morning and checked the score, fully expecting to find a tidy 15-4 blowout. of course, after years of watching baseball, I should have known better than to be so naive, but I didn't expect to be this wrong.

The games threw up all kinds of interesting stats, including this little gem:
Texas starter Scott Feldman, who allowed a franchise-record 10 runs in the first inning, became the first big league pitcher to give up at least 12 runs in a game without taking the loss since Gene Packard of the St. Louis Cardinals allowed 12, but won the game over the Philadelphia Phillies, 16-12, on Aug. 3, 1918.
Since I didn't see the whole game, I'll leave the summary to Beth:
9 innings. 36 runs. 3 lead changes. 37 hits. 16 extra-base hits. 4 three run homers - 3 of them by Ortiz and Youkilis, who combined for 11 RBI on the night. 11 pitchers. 400 pitches. And a partridge in a freakin' pear tree.