The Baseball Desert

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I hate to sit around grumbling after a 13-5, six-HR blowout win in Tampa Bay, but I have a question: am I the only one out there who finds those catwalk home runs extremely frustrating? I know the Sox have been on the wrong end of catwalk plays in the past, so it was nice that Jason Bay's fly ball in the 4th went up there and stayed up there for a home run, but there's just something so incomplete about watching the outfielder look up at the ball in flight but never seeing that ball land.

I'm splitting hairs, but baseball's very nature means that everything tallies up - every run scored is chalked up to an opposing pitcher (or to a fielding error), every error is somebody's fault. When the ball goes up in the air but never comes down, I feel like a little part of the game has gone missing, nudging the baseball universe ever so slightly off-kilter.


Note to the Sox: I have fairly good natural balance, so if you do want to keep pushing things out of whack with more of these home runs over the next couple of days, please feel free to do so - I'll deal with it.